Why join Beginner Driver Course?

Getting a driver`s license is often viewed as a modern day rite of passage and just like in the days of yore, this rite of passage comes with a certain element of danger. According to the Ministry of Transportation, car accidents are the leading cause of death for Canadians younger than 25. Perhaps this statistic explains why an increasing number of Canadian motorists are opting to enroll in driver`s education courses. Attending a driving school offers numerous benefits.

By taking an MTO-approved Beginner Driver Education Course at a driving school, G1 licence holders may qualify for a four-month reduction in the 12-month minimum G1-licensing period as well as a potential reduction in insurance premiums. For complete list of MTO-approved driving centres click here


Attending a driving school prepares inexperienced drivers to enter the world of automobile traffic. Certified teachers teach pupils defensive driving techniques that might just save their lives one day.
Professional driving school instructors teach students to drive in cars with brakes and steering wheels on both the driver and passenger sides. This means the professional can quickly take control of the car if the student gets into trouble.

Driving instructors have been trained to stay calm in stressful situations. Untrained relatives and friends might mean well but can quickly get stressed out and start shouting commands, turning both the pupil and the teacher into nervous wrecks.

Enrolling in a driving school program also offers the advantage of learning how to handle a vehicle in various conditions and on different kinds of driving surfaces. In the driving school car, your instructor can teach you how to recover when your wheels go off road or turn into a skid and other emergency maneuvers. Your friends and family members might not feel comfortable about letting you practice these maneuvers in their personal cars.

Far more individuals pass their driving test the first time around if they take lessons with a professional instructor. Attending a driving training course approved by your provincial government might also save you money on your car insurance premiums.

Tips for Choosing a Driving School

Although receiving great driving training is invaluable, many individuals must work within a set budget. Don`t select a driving school just because it is cheap, however. Inexpensive driving programs frequently lack the funds necessary to deliver a high quality education. Try to choose the best quality, best-rated driving school within your set price range.

If you are an experienced driver wishing to attend driving school to reap the insurance discounts, consider attending courses online to save money. New drivers should attend a course that offers both classroom lectures and plenty of hands-on practice with in-vehicle training.

Make sure that a driving school program is approved by the Ministry of Transportation in your province. Also check that the school requires its instructors to become recertified every year.

You want to find a program that holds classes in a clean, well-maintained building and offers a low student-to-instructor ratio. Both of those factors suggest that the school receives enough funding to provide a high-quality driving education. Choose a program that uses driving simulators, newer model cars and up-to-date technologies.

Whether you are an adult driver wanting to save a bit on car insurance or a new teenage driver, choosing to enroll in a driving school program can reap you various benefits. Think of the tuition as an investment in your future that will pay you dividends for the rest of your driving life.

UK Road Side Assistance Program Once you learn how to drive, the same could be said for roadside assistance programs. When you are ready to let the new driver in your family loose on the road, you can gain some peace of mind by signing them up for one of these plans.


Drive safer by using a Hands-free wireless communications devices with an earpiece or Bluetooth device if you can't wait to use your cell phone. Drive safe!

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Driving Lessons

By taking an MTO-approved Beginner Driver Education Course at a driving school, G1 licence holders may qualify for a four-month reduction in the 12-month minimum G1-licensing period as well as a potential reduction in insurance premiums.

Most driving schools instructors are thrive on teaching new and experienced drivers to become a safer driver in Kitchener-Waterloo area. You will not learn driving, you will be entitles insurance discount when you pass full package course. Ask one of the driving schools listed & enroll with local driving school today!

Driving is a Privilege,
Not a Right

Driving Privileges is common misconception that any person in the Canada has a right to drive. There is no such right in the Constitution. Driving a motor vehicle is a privilege, and that privilege can be taken away or modified based on certain conduct, including several issues surrounding drunk driving cases.