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Starlite Driver Training Driving School is an excellent place for you to begin your driving career. There are many streets and roads for you to practice on. One of the reasons why KW is a good place to get started, is because there are many open roads with little confusion. In places like Hamilton or Toronto, it is very easy for a young driver to get confused because there are so many places with one way roads, no left hand turns, etc. KW is not like this and thus it is easier to learn how to drive here. No matter what kind of vehicle you like to drive, we are sure you will find a welcome experience with KW driving schools. Each of our driving schools listed in this directory have been teaching students how to drive for years. The instructors are qualified, professional responsible business people who take pride in what they do. If you have any problem with these driving schools, feel free to contact us using the contact form. We will do our best to look into the issue for you and report back.

Driving School Location:

Starlite Driver Training,
29 Dickson St
Cambridge, Ontario. N1R1T5

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